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Birthdays web part settings for modern pages

Configuring the Birthdays web part

To insert the Birthday web part on a modern page, perform the following steps:

1) With the page in edit mode, click the plus icon to see the list of web parts available.

2) Find the ‘Birtdays’ web part either by navigation or by searching the list.

Once placed on a page, you can configure the Birthdays web part e.g. to only show birthdays of employees from certain departments.

Configure the Birthdays web part by clicking the pencil icon on the left of the web part.

The settings panel of the Birthdays web part has three tabs with individual settings.

Under Design, you configure the styling of the web part frame and title.

Title lets you write a custom title for the web part.

In Chrome type, you define whether you want to hide or make visible the title and frame of the web part. If the chrome type is visual, you can choose whether to display the web part title.

Image lets you upload an image as the background of the web part frame.

Text color lets you define the color of the title text as background lets you define the background color of the web part’s title field.

With the option of setting a fixed height for web parts, you can ensure alignment of web parts on pages with two or three columns. If the content exceeds the fixed height of the web part, users are offered to expand the content.

Dynamic height will make web part heights adjust to content.

Under Properties, you configure web part settings.

Template lets you select a template for the web part. Choose between the two pre-made templates defined for the Birthdays module or your own custom made templates.

In Plus days, you define the number of days the web part looks ahead for upcoming birthdays. To show only today’s birthdays a value of 0 must be entered.

Ticking User’s current department will make the web part only display birthdays of employees from the same department as the user.

From Department, you can select a specific department that the web part will display birthday of employees from. This field is only visible if user’s current department is not selected.

From Location you can select a specific location that the web part will display birthday of employees from. This field is only visible if user’s current location is not selected.

Advanced provides you with more and advanced options for configuration:

Source id allows you to limit the employees, the web part will display birthdays of, to a subset of users – e.g. to birthdays of all managers across departments. As the web part is based on SharePoint search, you can create a SharePoint result source and enter this ID. This means that the source id determines the exact subset of users you want the web part to display.

Managed property is the SharePoint search managed property mapped to the Birthday property in the User Profile Service. This property determines the data the web part will display for the users the web part will show.

By changing the search source ID as well as the managed property, you can, therefore, make the web part display other relevant dates such as anniversaries. Note, however, that you will need to customize the template of the web part to make it appropriate to display other data than birthday dates.

The Birthdays web part gets its data from SharePoint’s user profiles.

Overview of templates for the Birthdays module

Wizdom comes with two templates for the Birthday web part: 

Announcements with Icon

The template ‘defaultlist’ presents announcements with name, date, and an icon.


Announcement with Profile Picture

The template ‘BirthdayPicture’ presents announcements with name, date, and profile picture.