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FAQs web part settings for modern pages

Once placed on a page, you can configure the FAQs web part to display the desired questions and answers in the desired way. Configure the FAQs web part by clicking the pencil icon on the left of the web part.

The FAQs web part has the following settings:

Under Design, you configure the styling of the web part frame and title.

Title lets you write a custom title for the web part.

In Chrome type, you define whether you want to hide or make visible the title and frame of the web part.

If the chrome type is visual, you can choose whether to display the web part title.

Image lets you upload an image as the background of the web part frame.

Text color lets you define the color of the title text as background lets you define the background color of the web part’s title field.

With the option of setting a fixed height for web parts, you can ensure alignment of web parts on pages with two or three columns. If the content exceeds the fixed height of the web part, users are offered to expand the content. Dynamic height will make web part heights adjust to content.

Under Properties, you configure web part settings.

Template lets you select a template for the web part. Choose between the pre-made template defined for the FAQs module or your own custom made templates, if any exists.

Under FAQs set, you can select a Global FAQs set to be used for the web part.

If Use shared FAQs set is activated, you are offered to select a global FAQs set in the field below.

In FAQs categories pr. page, you select the number of categories to show on each page before pagination occurs in the web part.