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Noticeboard web part settings for modern pages

The Noticeboard web part is the web part that displays news on the intranet. Added to a web page, the news list web part will provide a news feed of news from one or more channels.

Several Noticeboard web parts may be placed on the same web page, each with their individual choice of news channels and configuration.

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To insert the Noticeboard web part on a modern page, perform the following steps:

1) With the page in edit mode, click the plus icon to see the list of web parts available.

2) Find the ‘Noticeboard’ web part either by navigation or by searching the list.

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Once placed on a page, you can configure the Corporate News web part to the news you’d like in the way you’d like.

Configure the Noticeboard web part by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the web part.

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In the settings panel, you can configure basic settings.

Under Design, you configure the styling of the web part frame and title.

Title lets you write a custom title for the web part.

In Chrome type, you define whether you want to hide or make visible the title and frame of the web part.

If the chrome type is visual, you can choose whether to display the web part title.

Image lets you upload an image as the background of the web part frame.

Text color lets you define the color of the title text as background lets you define the background color of the web part’s title field.

With the option of setting a fixed height for web parts, you can ensure alignment of web parts on pages with two or three columns. If the content exceeds the fixed height of the web part, users are offered to expand the content. Dynamic height will make web part heights adjust to content.

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Under Properties, you configure web part settings

Template lets you select a template with the look and functionality you wish for the web part. The Noticeboard web part for modern pages includes three templates out of the box.

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Channel set lets you choose whether you wish to use a shared channel set or a local channel set for the news list web part.

A shared channel set will let you select one of the channel sets that are created in Wizdom Configuration Center. If you edit a shared channel set, it will change in all web parts where it is in use. Shared channel sets can only be edited in Wizdom Configuration Center, not from the web part

A local channel set is configured on the web part and it will only apply to this specific web part.

By default, local channel set is selected. If shared channel sets are created in Wizdom Configuration Center, you can select one of these for the Noticeboard web part in the channel set field.

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When deciding on a local channel set for the web part, you will need to set it up for the web part in question.

Click ‘Edit channel set’ and set up the channel set for the web part in the dialog by using the same techniques as when you create a channel set in Wizdom Configuration Center.

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Wizdom Digital Workplace

Items per page lets you decide how many news you will let the web part show in one page. In the picture below, the administrator has chosen to show two news per page.

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As an intranet editor, you can adjust the number of minutes between auto-refreshes in the Noticeboard web part settings to ensure that new Noticeboard news are shown. Per default, the web part will refresh its content every 10th minute. If you want to completely disable auto-refresh, you can set the interval to 0.

Default view lets you decide whether users will have only unread news, all, or news, with the user as author, displayed by default. The user can change this setting.

You can hide Noticeboard’s user tools in the top of the news list web part by ticking the Hide the toolbar field. This will make users unable to create news and manage subscriptions from the news list web part in question.

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