Release Notes Version

Sep 29, 2017


This release contains new features and bug fixes.


There are no prerequisites for this release

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.
This release has been tested in the following environment:

Office 365 tenant and Azure
SharePoint Server 2013​
SharePoint Server 2016


​Wizdom Help & Training Portal

​​​New portal with Wizdom dokumentation and ​ guides.


Discover a more detailed introduction to the new features of the Notifications module by visiting our blog. Click here to be redirected directly to the blog post about the updates on the Notifications module.

New notification area for notifications such as unread items, comments and mentions.

More notifications available:
Mentions from everywhere within noticeboard (not just within the notification channel set) and SharePoint pages with social enabled.

Unread comments now works from posts I have liked, commented, have created or am alternative author of (for noticeboard), or am “contact” for (for sharepoint pages with social enabled).

Performance tuning:

Notifications for items in SharePoint is potentially slow in large installations. In this release we offer two levels of improved performance, at the cost of functionality. This is done in feature toggles:

DisableACLCheckForSPItemsInNotificationOverview=True: Can be used to improve caching, by using a shared cache for SharePoint notification items across all users, resulting only in the first user to get a notification on a given SharePoint item, to see a performance penalty. This, of course, results in the possibility of a user possibly getting access to data about a SharePoint item that the user does not have read access to. This data will be the URL and Title of the SharePoint item – no more. When the user clicks the item, the user will get access denied from SharePoint, if the user does not actually have access. In most cases, the user will have access, because why else would the user get a notification.

DisableSPItemsInNotificationOverview=True: Can be used to completely remove SharePoint items from the notification overview panel, thus reverting to the performance-level of the prior release, but then also, of course, entirely removing this new functionality.

​Resolv​​ed issues​​

Course management​

​Presense picture in participant list does not work in Wizdom OnPrem
No “ended courses” shown in the view
Pagination doesn’t work correctly
Wrong css classes on the filters “show completed” and “Show all completed”
Missing translations
Error when using characters like “<” and “>” in multiline text field
Participant list: missing PubliURL, picture etc. for participants
Missing mail to participants when a course is cancelled
Signup button visible for courses that have ended
Copy course: not all fields are copied
Signup others button is only visible if the user himself is signed up
Sign up to waiting list fails


​Error creating project portal or community portal in OnPrem 2013
Different member info for the same user shown in different project sites
Removing a metadata/role in the Project overview webpart makes the whole page reload
Deleted or failed projects are shown in the project overview
Create project fails OnPrem using site collection repositories and the collaboration temlpate


​Inconsistent permissions for administrators on news channels
Comments not shown when number of comments exceeds a certain limit
Author images shown in differnt sizes in NoticeBoard archive
Line breaks in comments may cause bad rendering
If a user has read permissions to a news channel, but not to the parent channel, the news items are shown in the overview, but the user is not permitted to open them,
Users with permissions to edit a page are denied to edit the local channelset for the webpart
Link to author’s MySite some times is broken

​​​Persons from department web part​

​Shows no results when using a custom query
“select department” setting not shown correctly in “edit webpart”
One person selected in the web part, multiple people shown


​​Error in Light​ning pages ​after Wizdom upgrade
Custom scripst and custom styling does not work with multiple configurations in Wizdom OnPrem
Unable to set “permissionTargetType” property through channels endpoint in API
Settings button on “My Pages” webpart in “Editor revision module” doesn’t work.
People search: bad results when querys contains “+” (when searching for a phone number)
Error when attempting to dele a link from the page footer link collection
Birthday error KeyNotFoundException (application insights)
Angular error in IE 11 if service menu is using department URL and no departments URL is specified for the user
Machine translation languages list shown in random order
The template path in the template editor is hard to read
Long web part titles break in the wrong place
Megamenu (burger menu) not loading
Accelerate; sample data not working OnPrem where Wizdom is installed in the root