Release Notes Version

Nov 27, 2017


This release contains new features, UX improvements, bug fixes, and performance improvements.



There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


UX Improvements​


Course Module​

  • IA filtering improvements.
  • IA updates on buttons in admin dialogs.
  • Text improvements on filters and buttons.
  • Introduction of dates and status on course cards.
  • Max width set on course cards.
  • Lighter background colors.
  • Introduction of status overlays on courses (draft, cancelled, completed).


  • Image slider improvements and introduction of helptext in edit mode.
  • Introduction of an advanced area in edit webpart dialogs.
  • Translations updated in edit webpart dialogs.
  • New weather webpart icons​.

Edit mode – page check out

  • Introduction of a new edit button (replaces the setting button).
  • Introduction of new icons in setting menu.

Configuration Center​

  • Introduction of a feedback dialog when deleting a link.


  • When entering the Configuration Center, administrators are now led directly to the module configuration.

Updates to the Course Management Module

Discover a more detailed introduction to all new updates to the Course Management module by visiting our blog. Click here to access the blog post about the new features of the Course Management module. 

  • Adjust pre-defined filters: “As a user I want pre-defined filters that I can better understand (based on customer and support feedback)”.
  • Track who attended a​ course/activity incl. easily mark all or selected participants as attended.Export function to have more information: “As a course organizer or teacher I want the result of the export to also include Department, Location and Phone information on about participants, to better support scenarios where this is needed”.
  • Type-ahead field for people filters: “As a user filtering courses based on Participant or Teacher, I want the input field to be a type-ahead, to not lose overview, when there are 500+ users to select from”.
  • Course E-mail templates should be selected on instance level: “As super user I want to select different e-mail templates for the same action (sign-up, deregister etc.) on different instances, to have one mail sent for one scenario (instance) and another for other scenarios.”.
  • Support Course Overview Web Part targeted front page scenarios: “As Wizdom we would like to offer that the Course Overview Web Part can be used other places on the solution to show of relevant courses” (Modify solution so that links in Course Overview Web Part will still work, when not located on same site as Course Site).
  • Add course name to default print participants list.
  • Improvements for multi time zone usage (better info on Time Zone in mail texts).
  • Extensibility support for scenarios where Courses are spanning a non-continuous period. We still will not have direct OOTB support for this however have added Web hooks and can provide guidance on how this can be achieved with the addition of customization.
  • UX updates​.

Application Insights

  • ​​Now possible to activate Application Insights server side on Wizdom web sites hosted in Azure.

Performance Enhancements

  • SQL optimizations for NoticeBoard.
  • Improved cache strategy for NoticeBoard news items.
  • Improved cache strategy in general.
  • Template optimizations.
    • ​More “inline” templates instead of separate template downloads.
    • Templates only loaded”on demand”.
    • More “one-time-bindings” in templates and other template optimizations.
  • Javascripts bundled differently – more scripts only loaded on demand.
  • Several other minor enhancements.

Resolved issues​​​​​​


  • Adding a user to channel permissions takes a very long time.
  • ​Web hooks don’t work.
  • Label for social setting is different in news and video templates​.


  • ​​Changing project instance configuration resets data​base settings​.
  • When creating a Modern Team Site, capital letters are removed when generating URL.


  • ​​Form may be submitted twice causing double entries in list.
  • Cannot submit form if a field has no label.


  • ​​Card can not be dragged.
  • File upload not working.

Lightning Page​

  • ​​Lightning Page “Desktop” does not work​.
  • MobileLightningPage home icon should go to site home page.


  • ​Isn’t able to provision a “default.aspx” when using “Team Site” template.
  • “File not found” when trying to check out default.aspx.


  • ​Default item type should be “Top item” for new top level items.
  • Permission problems for module administrators.


  • ​​When the service menu is opened, this is kept in localstorage, i.e it keeps opening.
  • Spelling error in “Wizdom News with voxpop and factbox” page layout.
  • “Content not valid” warning in Page Revision has formatting issues.
  • Documentation page: Click on headings in Contents doesn’t work.
  • Service Desk: Direct links do not work.
  • CSS generator for different configurations doesn’t work.
  • “Persons from department” web part shows more than one user, even though only one is selected.
  • FAQ: Missing default question mark icon.
  • Notification panel: Missing translation for “My Mentions”.
  • Weather webpart shows error 404.
  • Sort template by name descending.
  • Birthday webpart: Shows no birthdays if days = 365.
  • Wizdom page controls don’t work with Chinese SP language version pages.
  • Yammer authentication keeps retrying every second.
  • Handbook page layout problems in edit mode.
  • Link collection: Clicking multiple times on “CreateEditLink” and “CreateEditCategory” causes link/category to be added multiple times.
  • Sample Image provisioning problem.
  • Corporate News with Video page layout is broken.
  • Cannot download older files in Wizdom Admin Log.

Special considerations​​​​

CDN Usage

​From this version and on, style sheets, templates and wizdom javascript files are loaded from our CDN.

However, for some local installations of wizdom, it may be faster to use the local blob web site instead. This can be enabled by setting the feature toggle “clientSideFeatureToggle: CDNType” to “local”.

This is done, by adding the following AppSetting to the web.config:

If the toggle is added after a wizdom upgrade, it’s important to click “Install” from the configuration site, to send the feature toggle to the sharepoint site.

Corporate News with Video Page Layout​​

The “Corporate News with Video” page layout has been changed so the video is displayed with a 100% width which means height will now be dynamic. This means large screens will see a large video, because height will be set based on the videos aspect ratio.

This is done to ensure that the video controls are always accessible.

Lightning Pages​

​Changes in the injected scripts when creating new lightning pages (the old scripts don’t work as of Wizdom 6.24).

Modified System Templates​​​​


  • ​​​​BirthdayPicture.html
  • defaultlist.html


  • ​BreadcrumbDefault.html
  • CanteenMenu​
  • ​​Singleday.hrml


  • ​​​WebPart/NewEditForm