Release Notes Version

Jan 15, 2018


This release contains new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Please note the section “Breaking template changes”.



There are no prerequisites for this release

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


​UX Improvements

  • Solved error with image slider set-up.
  • Introduction of descriptions and translations to Noticeboard configurations.
  • Introduction of page layout thumbnails.
  • New image styling on Noticeboard mentions.
  • Improved arrangement of controls in modal dialogs.
  • Introduction of new UI styling in modal dialogs. This will be fully improved for next release.
  • UI changes can appear in the Course module. This will be fully improved for the next release.
  • Introduction of email addresses in all people pickers.


​​​Perfo​rmance improvements


JQueryUI loading​

jQueryUI is no longer loaded initially on pages in normal mode.​ JQueryUI is now only loaded if the page contains one of the directives kanbanSortable and wizdom365EditLinkList.


Angular one-time-bindings

HTML templates and directives have been updated to use angular one-time-bindings wherever appropriate in the following modules / directives:

  • Megamenu
  • Breadcrump
  • Footer
  • Phonebook
  • Noticeboard
  • Commentspanel
  • Presencepicture
  • Pagecontact
  • Servicemenu buttons
  • Servicemenu list template
  • Departmentusers
  • Pagetags
  • Birthday
  • CanteenMenu
  • Corporate news
  • Editor revision
  • Other improvements​​
  • Generally more focus on only loading scripts and templates on demand.


Resolved issues


Course module​

  • ​​”All courses” and “Previous courses” views looked strange in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Course filtering did not work for AD groups.
  • Users were redirected to “Page not found” after copying a course.
  • Setting “Everyone” to be allowed to create courses didn’t work.



  • “Pages I must read” and “Pages relevant for me” were not showing correct results.
  • “Pages I must read” did not show results – happened when user login name were not the same as user email address.
  • “Contact person” disappeared when set to a department​.
  • “Must read” using AD groups: “Mark as read” control were not shown as expected.


Corporate News​

  • ​​​Corporate News web part occasionally “collapsed”



  • ​​NoticeBoard Archive ignored search string.
  • “Page not found” when attempting to go to author’s MySite by clicking his avatar.
  • Print of news item were not readable.
  • Having a long URL in a news item caused content to go beyond the view limits when news item were viewed from the archive.
  • Weekend dates could not be selected as start and end dates.



  • ​​Creating projects failed when using the Collaboration template (and similar templates).



  • ​​SetViewFieldsOfListViewWebpartAction parameter ListTitle translation wasn’t handled correctly.
  • Adding sample content fails​.



  • ​Submitting a form failed if a field has no label.



  • ​Moving an item to another swimlane didn’t work.



  • Megamenu item was added when a Handbook site​ was created.
  • “Open in new window” didn’t work​.



  • Timeout when using the CreateNoticeboardChannel endpoint.
  • Service Desk tickets disappeared upon creation.
  • Lightning page: Error using the “desktop” template.
  • CSS generator: Missing default value.
  • Clicking the search button failed in mobile view.
  • No revision email sent if no contact person were set (should be sent to author).


Breaking template changes​



  • ​Noticeboard/Templates/ViewTemplates/Webpart/ArchiveOverview/Default.html
  • Noticeboard/Templates/ViewTemplates/Webpart/ArchiveOverview/DefaultSmall.html

In these templates ng-model=”searchText” are changed to ng-model=”searchObj.text”

​Course module​

  • ​CourseManagement/Templates/ViewTemplates/Details/header.html
  • CourseManagement/Templates/ViewTemplates/Overview/OverviewSites.html
  • CourseManagement/Templates/ViewTemplates/Roles/ CourseParticipantsShowAll.html

In these templates data-courseData er is changed to courseData


Lightning page considerations

%SPSOD% will now be replaced with all script references from the welcomepage of the current sitecollection each time the lightningpage is saved.​


​Modified system templates​​



  • ​​BirthdayPicture.html
  • defaultlist.html


Today’s Menu

  • ​Fullweek.html
  • Singleday.html



  • ​newscarousel2images.html
  • newscarousel5images.html
  • newscarouselfullwidth.html
  • newsgallery.html
  • newslist.html
  • newsrotator.html
  • newsslider.html
  • newstiles2.html
  • newstiles3.html



  • ​​Details/Header.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html
  • Roles/CourseParticipantsShowAll.html


Department Users

  • ​​defaultlist.html
  • horizontal-list.html



  • ​​EditorPages/revision-my-editorpages.html
  • RevisionPages/revision-my-contacpages.html
  • RevisionPages/revision-my-editorpages.html



  • ​​​webpartSimpleAccordionList.html
  • webpartSimpleList.html


Mega Menu​

  • ​​ElementTypes/Heading_edit.html
  • ElementTypes/Link_edit.html



  • ​Webpart/ArchiveOverview/Default.html
  • Webpart/ArchiveOverview/DefaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/news.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/video.html
  • Webpart/Overview/clicklist.html
  • Webpart/Overview/default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html
  • Webpart/Overview/onlyHeading.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/News.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Office365Video.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/RSS.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Video.html​
  • Webpart/ShowItem​/default.html


Page Contact​​

  • ​​DefaultPageContact.html



  • ​ResultTemplates/defaultResults.html
  • ResultTemplates/​extendedResults.tml
  • SearchTemplates/advancedSearch.html


​Service Menu

  • ​servicemenubuttons.html
  • servicemenumobilebuttons.html
  • simplelist.html
  • servicemenuButtonsV2.html
  • servicemenumobilebuttonsV2.html
  • simplelistV2.html​