Release Notes Version

Feb 28, 2018


This release contains new features and bug fixes.

Visit our blog to discover an even more detailed introduction of the latest release, including all special features and updates. Click here to access the blog post about the new Wizdom release.  


​There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.
This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


​UX Improvements


​​Overall improvements

People picker ema​il issue has been fixed.


End user ​​​mode

  • Noticeboard template with unread/read descriptions has been corrected.
  • Headline in Birthdays and Poll has been streamlined with other headlines.
  • Noticeboard configuration translation issue has been fixed.


Edit m​ode

  • Multiple styling improvements in modal dialogues – edit mode (buttons, colors, spacing, alignments).
  • Checkboxes have been moved to the left of the associated text.
  • New styling introduced on delete feedback dialogues.


Course Management M​odule

  • Icons on top-bar filters have been updated.
  • Left-side filters have got new styling with visible dropdowns and new icons.
  • The responsive view on filters has been improved.
  • Icons on course cards have been updated, and new margins and alignments has been added.
  • Margin between sections in a course overview has been streamlined with the rest of the intranet.


​​​​New features

  • Weather web part now supports five day weather forecast using free API.
  • Lightning Pages can now be deleted.
  • Project instances can now be archived (not a delete just hiding).
  • A-Z webpart now has a new property to set default view mode to “All pages”.
  • Small improvements to Wizdom Upgrade dialog: Some text changes and automatic e-mail field filling.
  • Wizdom installation page now shows the path of the site collection the installation is performed on.
  • Sample Image Module now shows the destination site collection and library that the sample images are being deployed to.
  • Visual save confirmation added to Wizdom Administration when saving templates, custom styles and custom Javascript
  • In FAQ webpart it is now possible to rearrange categories the same way as the questions (using arrows or dragNdrop).
  • In Course Management administration it is now possible to delete a course type to clean up unused or incorrectly created course types.
  • Course Management module has been converted to a Single Page Application to provide better user experience (faster)

Other improvements


Image Sli​​der

  • Image Slider Web Part now also works with Site Assets library and with the pre-provisioned PublishingImages library.
  • Additional core item properties (Created, Created By, Modified, Modified By, Size etc.) are now also available for use in custom web part templates.


People ​​​in Department

  • Custom Managed Properties can now be retrieved, to be used in custom web part template.
  • Custom People Search Result Source can now be selected to limit people results for search driven configurations.



  • A select and deselect all option is now available for found departments.


Con​​figuration Center

  • Access to “Noticeboard Insights” can now be restricted using Permissions in Wizdom Admin.



  • The template for Create and Edit can now be selected in Noticeboard Web Part.
  • A new Create and Edit template has been added, consolidating the create and edit News and create and edit Video template.  See additional note below *)
  • It is now possible to share a message, using the “Share” button.
  • Issue with comments not shown correctly in archive is fixed.

Mega ​​Menu

  • When editing the mega menu, it will now be checked out to you and, as long as you work on it, no one else will be able to edit it.
  • Save/Cancel buttons have replaced instant save on changes.


CSS Ge​nerator

  • When using multiple configurations in CSS Generator, all defined themes are available in every configuration, and only the selection of a theme is applied to an individual configuration.​


Corporate News

  • ​​​Extended properties available in search mode.


Wizdom License​

  • Special charaters are now supported in properties (such as Company Name)



  • ​​​Skype call introduced and phone numbers converted to clickable “tel”-links.



  • ​Dismiss all / Mark all as read.



  • Theme contains link to external image source


* Note
A new Create and Edit template has been added for Noticeboard, consolidating the create and edit template for News content type and the create and edit template for Video content type. The create and edit template for News content type and the create and edit template for Video content type, are now deprecated and will be removed in the future, at which point the Noticeboard web part will also be changed to only select one Create and edit template for all content types.


Resolved issues


  • Default item type for top level icons is now “Top item”.
  • “Hover” no longer works in link_view.html template.


​​Service Desk

  • ​P​roblems whens creating multiple service desks with the same name
  • Problems adding categories


Course Managem​ent

  • HTML code is stripped in module description field.
  • Bad page layout when using paging.
  • No signup email received when a user is moved from waiting list to participants list.
  • Sign up others fails (if user is not signed up himself).
  • Email sent to teacher when a user is moved from the waiting list is hardcoded in english (now there is a template for this email message).


Today’s Menu

  • When the web part is narrow the right scroll arrow is moved to the next line – only partly solved, problem still occurs in some screen sizes. A better soution is planned for a coming release.​
  • Module admins should be able to edit canteens.


  • ​​​Misleading text after creating a project.
  • Search box in overview web part does not search inside project names.
  • Project overview is showing too many projects.
  • Editing display options on a project role with a default user/group added causes an exception.



  • NoticeBoard Archive not showing all results (no paging) + date filtering not working as expected.
  • Missing “Edit”-button on news item shown from Archive.
  • When editing a channel “Can contain items” setting seems to be set, even though it is not set.
  • When editing a news item the title is “Create item”.
  • Pagination does not respect “max number of pages”.
  • Archive: “Hide comments” does not work.
  • Problems when showing likes including current user.


Corporate News​

  • News articles not showing on initial page load
  • Carousel not rotating all images​
  • First part of the text is not shown in the tiles



  • ​​​Cannot create an FAQ entry without an icon.
  • “Show all questions” button missing.
  • Opening questions on mobile devices scrolls to top.



  • Missing translation​s.
  • Notification Panel​.
  • ​​Missing scroll bar.



  • Web part menu icon invisible when inserted in content field.
  • Missing translation for “Notification settings”.
  • Likes disappear on Sharepoint pages (including Corporate news pages).
  • Problems in web.config in blob-directory.
  • The PrincipalNameSync timer job runs too often.
  • Wizdom Configuration: .js, .css and cssgenerator files are not copied to blob.
  • Userphoto not showing OnPrem 2016.
  • Search bar does not work on some pages.
  • Video is being squeezed.
  • Breadcrumb displays duplicate entries.


Special notes

Note that Wizdom is usually not loaded in iFrames. Attempting to do this might result in the error message “$LAB is undefined.
To enable loading of Wizdom in an iFrame, use the querysting parameter “fullscreen=true”.

Notable template changes



This template has been deprecated and will be removed in the future. Please use CreateAndEdit.html instead



This template has been deprecated and will be removed in the future. Please use CreateAndEdit.html instead

Modified system templates​​​


​Corporate News

  • ​​newstiles2.html
  • newstiles3.html


Course Management

  • ​​CourseMetadata/CourseMetadata.html
  • Details/Content,html
  • Details/Header.html
  • Details/Signupbuttons.html
  • Overview/Filters/OverviewFilters.html
  • Overtview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html



  • defaultlist.html
  • extendedlist.html
  • horizontal-list.html



  • ​​webpartSimpleAccordionList.html
  • webpartSimpleList.html​​
  • Manual (Handbook)
  • ​​AtoZ/AtoZ.html



  • ElementTypes7Link_view.html
  • MenuTemplate.html
  • MenuTemplateDesktop.html



  • ​Webpart/ArchiveOverview/default.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/CreateAndEdit.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/news.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/video
  • Webpart/Overview/clickList.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html



  • Notification/Mentions.html
  • Notification/NotificationPanel.html
  • Notification/UnreadComments.html
  • Notification/​Unreadelements.html



  • ​​ResultTemplates/defaultResults.html
  • ResultTemplates/extendedResults.html



  • ​​​pollWebpart.html



  • ​​​Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html
  • ProjectRoles/ProjectRoles.html
  • ProjectRoles/ProjectRoles_horizontal.html