Release Notes Version

Apr 13, 2018


This release contains new features and bug fixes.



There are no prerequisites for this release

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


Special Considerations​

​Cloud installations with Wizdom versions prior to 6.26 cannot use the upgrade button in Wizdom Admin. Please contact Wizdom Support to be upgraded.

Partners should contact senior Infrastructure Architect, Peter Jensbøl.

​The feature toggle “NumberOfSiteCollectionsToUpgradeSimultatious” has been changed to “NumberOfSiteCollectionsToUpgradeSimultaneous” (spelling)

​UX Improvements


Wizdom configuration center

  • Left menu items has been left aligned.
  • New styling of controls, borders and buttons.


Support center

  • New styling of documentation cards and improved responsive behavior.




Fixes of responsive problems 

  • Noticeboard configuration.
  • A to Z list letters in end user mode.
  • Profile progress bar.
  • Course filters.
  • Arrows in Todays menu.


​Other fixes

  • Misleading service messages has been removed from general settings in edit mode.
  • Double edit occurrence in ‘Project Information’ and ‘Project Members’ has been corrected.


Web parts and Business a​​pps

Buttons and images

  • Adjustment of buttons in date picker.
  • Person images in user pickers has been updated to round images.


Corporate News

  • New translations under Corporate News advanced setup.


Profile progress

  • Adjusted view on Profile Progress ‘0 %’



  • Fix of icon alignments in Noticeboard channels set-up.
  • Introduction of dividers in Noticeboard set-up
  • Plus and minus icons in Noticeboard channel view have been replaced with chevrons.



  • Introduction of new logic and styling for Poll setup


Course module

  • Adjustments of images and checkboxes alignment in general.
  • New styling of toolbar in View Participants.
  • Adjustments of buttons.


​New feat​​​ure

Handbook sites

  • Introduction of a mandatory read feature on Handbook sites


New features

Wizdom Installation​

  • Reworked th​​e wizdom installation page to be less confusing (No more install/upgrade button). Also see note about sitecollection view rework.
  • General improments to upgrade performance and logic
  • improved async upgrade performance from 6.27+:
    • In 6.28 the Wizdom upgrade framework has been re-worked to function more asynchronus and in parallel. When upgrading from Wizdom 6.27 and up, sitecollection upgrades will be added to an upgrade queue and executed in the background, instead of running synchronously. This means that installations with a lot of sitecollections will now allow sitecollections to be used while the upgrade is in progress, with users being notified of the ongoing work with a new banner shown at the top of the page. See detailed info about the banner below. When sitecollections are visited during upgrade, these visited sitecollections will get upgrade priority and get upgraded first. In the revised sitecollections admin tab – see below – priority can further be changed to ensure frontpage and other important sitecollections are always upgraded first. This asynchronous upgrade feature is only available when upgrading directly between major versions – if any major versions are skipped, these versions need to be applied synchronously. The reason for this is that the wizdom configuration file and database schema must be upgraded before any asynchronous tasks can be scheduled, and these cannot skip versions. A work-around is to apply future versions one major version at the time, if multiple releases have been skipped.
  • Upgrade is in progress banner:
    • When asynchronous sitecollection tasks have been scheduled for the current sitecollection, a banner will be shown to all visiting users by default, indicating that a task is either scheduled or is in progress. The following tasks can be scheduled: Install, Update, Scriptloader, DisableApp, EnableApp and Create. The tasks can be in the following states: Queued, Starting, Executing and Done. Under normal circumstances, users will only see the banner for the Update task, which occurs when Wizdom is upgrading sitecollections between major versions. By default, the banner will not be shown during scriptloader updates, which usually only take 1-2 seconds per sitecollection. These do happen frequently though, and are neccessary when changing megamenu or changing some admin settings. These scriptloader updates are now scheduled automatically whenever these changes occur, and no longer need to be executed manually, except if changing client-side feature toggles in the Azure App Service. In that case, a scriptloader update must be queued manually – see below for the revised Sitecollection list. The upgrade banner is template controlled, and can be customized to never be shown, or to be shown only to a subset of privileged users. This can be done from the Wizdom admin center, in the Admin tab, Sitecollections module in the Templates section.


Css Generator

  • ​​Theme export/import functionality for the CSS generator.

R​evised sitecollections list

  • ​The Sitecollections module in the Admin tab in the Wizdom admin center has been revised to better support installations with many sitecollections. The list is now paged, with selectable page size and sortable column headers and a search feature. The Install/Upgrade button from the Install module has been removed, but a new button has been added to the sitecollections module – “Apply Feature Toggles”. Use this button if any client-side feature toggles have been changed in the Azure App Service – this will schedule a scriptloader update for all sitecollections, which will apply the new feature toggles. For each sitecollection, new actions have been added, based on the state of each sitecollection. Normal working sitecollections will have a Re-install action, which will completely re-install Wizdom to the sitecollection. This can be used to try to fix a faulty installation. It is not possible to uninstall wizdom, as that would basically entail deleting the entire sitecollection. However, we can now disable the wizdom scriptloader, which will prevent any wizdom customizations from running. Once disabled, Wizdom can easily and safely be re-enabled with the Enable button. If a sitecollection is disabled or in an error-state, a new Remove action will allow the sitecollection to be removed from the sitecollections registration list in Wizdom. This will not delete the sitecollection itself, only remove the registration in the Wizdom database. If any tasks are queued on the sitecollection, these tasks can be cancelled. If the task is already executing, the task can be overridden, but this will not stop the task from executing – only remove the registration in the task scheduler. Finally each sitecollection can be assigned a specific upgrade priority. This priority determines the order in which sitecollection tasks get executed, if more than one task is scheduled. If more than one sitecollection exist with the same priority, secondary factors such as last visited, number of visits and error-state / retries will weigh in on the execution order.

Discover a more detailed introduction to the new features of the Site Collection module by visiting our blog. Click here to be redirected directly to the blog post about the improvements of the module.

​Resolved issues


​Corporate news 

  • ​Clicking the Comment bubble icon does not set focus on the comment input area


Course Management

  • ​When editing an existing course, the input fields do not get validated.
  • Missing “required” symbol (*) on course name input field.
  • End-date can be before start-date.
  • Registration deadline can be after start-date.
  • Min-participants can be greater than max-participants.
  • Unable to delete courses (no delete button visible).
  • Month names are not translated.



  • ​​​Category expand jumps to the top of the pages on mobile devices



  • ​​Megamenu failure on content pages, if the bread crumb is hidden.
  • Multilingual Megamen URL’s don’t work correctly.
  • Possibly to create duplicate menu items and impossible to remove them.
  • Menu builder: problems when dragging and dropping menu items, result not saved.
  • Menu that should be hidden is showing for a short time in Internet Exporer.
  • Menu items rendered in wrong order



  • ​​​Searching in archive throws an error, and no search results are shown.
  • Wrong unread count.
  • When placing a new web part on a page, it shows no news items for a period of time.
  • Inconsistency in “read” checkbox usage.
  • News synchronization job fails.
  • Insights shows no data.
  • When a news item is opens from the Notification bar, the “Next” button doesn’t work.
  • When a news item is posted with a future start date, it appears too late to the users.
  • Archive: When a new items is marked as read it does not change the styling accordingly.
  • News items to be published in the near future are visible to other users.
  • Users receive duplicate email notifications when a news item is created.
  • Archive: When changing the search, the search result does not reset to page 1.


People search​

  • ​Unintended strings shown in result view.
  • “Skype”, “Callto” and other links become “unsafe” in the browser and do not work.


Persons form department we​b part

  • ​​No results shown when choosing a departent with “&” in the name.



  • ​​Failure creating projects when using one site collection per project.
  • Term sets (taxonony) available depends on when the admin pages is called from (should alway be the site collection where the project resides).


Service Desk

  • ​Icons disappear on save​.


Todays Menu

  • ​No translation og dates in “Singleday” and “Fullweek” templates.



  • ​​Problems with “Users” field and “Allow multiple selections”.
  • Problems with date field, using “date only”.
  • Image picker preview is not hidden when empty.



  • ​​​Missing closing tags on Notification templates.
  • Confusion with different translations of “title” in various modules.
  • Various security improvements.
  • Failure attempting to load Wizdom i iframes (Nintex, GetOrganized).
  • Wizdom cannot handle groups with characters like “.” and “#” in the name.


Performance improvements

  • Performance issues in Wizdom when images on the SharePoint pages are slow to load.
  • Analytics no longer logs exceptions.


Modified system templates​

  • Canteen Menu
  • Singleday.html​​​​


Course Management

  • CourseMetadata/CourseMetadata.html
  • Details/Header.html​​
  • Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html​
  • OverView/Sorting/OverviewSorting.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html
  • Roles/CourseParticipants.html
  • Roles/CourseParticipantsShowAll.html



  • ​AtoZ/AtoZ.html​
  • MarkAsRead/MarkAsRead.html



  • ​​ElementTypes/Link_view.html
  • MenuTemplateDesktop.html



  • ​​Webpart/NewEditForm/CreateAndEdit.hrml
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/news.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/​video.html
  • Webpart/Overview/default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html
  • Webpart/Overview/onlyHeading.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/News.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html
  • ChannelTree.html


  • ​​Notification/Mentions.html
  • Notification/UnreadElements.html



  • ​​ResultTemplates/defaultResults.html
  • ResultTemplates/extendedResults.html



  • ​​pollWebpart.html
  • ProfileProgress
  • ​​​default.html
  • ProjectSpace
  • ​​Overview/OverviewSites.html