Release Notes Version

May 23, 2018



This release contains new features and bug fixes. You can read more about the new features on our blog by clicking here. 

Additionally, we have finalized a process of aligning the names of modules and corresponding web parts in Wizdom. Read more about it in this blog post. 




There are no prerequisites for this release


Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.


This release has been tested in the following environment:


  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016



New features



GDPR releated​ improvements

  • ​​”Forget User” Module added to Wizdon Configuration Center –> Admin.
    Selected users will have their display name, login name and email address replaced with “removed” in the Wizdom database.
  • Public endpoint for “Forget User” added.

Discover a more detailed introduction to all new features of the “Forget User” module by visiting our blog. Click here to access the blog post about the new features of the new module that protects your privacy. 



  • ​Several languages added to standard Wizdom installation: de-de, es-es, fi-fi, it-it, nb-no, nl-nl, pl-pl, sv-se.
    Initially texts are machine-translated. Partners are encouraged to submit feedback on bad translations.




  • ​​​Now possible to delete a project from the Project Overview.
  • Now possible to open and see project metadata directly from the Project Overview web part.



​​Wizdom Audiences

  • Wizdom Audiences is a new concept ​used to group people for use when targeting content to certain users.


Visit our blog to discover a more detailed introduction to the new module for audience targeting, including all special features and possibilities. Click here to access the blog post about the new Wizdom module

Read more about Audience Targeting for Pages and Corporate News here. 


Image Slider


  • ​Now possible to use the Image Slider with a Site Asset Library or with the pre-provisioned PublishingImaged Library.
  • Additional Item properties available (e.g. “Created By”).



People in department web part


  • ​​Now possible to add additional properties to be shown in the web part.
  • Now possible to set the Search Result Source for use in the web part.





  • ​Now possible to select/deselect the departments shown when using Accelerate to provision department sites.





  • ​Now possible to select which template to use in “Create news item” and “Edit news item”.
  • Now Possible to restrict access to NoticeBoard Insights.


Corporate News​​


  • ​​​​​Filtering on location, lan​guage, department in web part.​


Mega Menu


  • ​”Edit”, “Save” and “Cancel” buttons added to Menu Builder. The menu Builder is locked when being edited to prevent multiple users to edit it at the same time.
  • Label text “Audiences” changed to “Only visible for”. Descriptive text added.



CSS Generator​


  • ​​CSS Generator themes may now be spanned across multiple configurations.





  • ​​New web part names in the web part gallery. Wizdom web part category renamed to “Wizdom”, and several web parts have changed the name (only in the English version).​
  • Some modules have been renamed.​
  • The “Modern UI” is now disabled in SharePoint when Wizdom is installed.
  • Now possible to limit Wizdom people pickers to certain Active Directory OUs.
  • Now possible to provision “Wizdom pages” on team sites with Wizdom installed.
  • New accordion tab for targetting (location, language, department) on Wizdom pages – web parts can use these fields for filtering.​​​ Corporate News webpart supports this, other webparts must use a custom result source.



Resolved issues​


Course Management


  • ​​Print course attendees is missing the course title.
  • Sorting elements in courses view does not work correctly
  • Cannot delete courses
  • If you have cancelled a course you can keep cancelling it.
  • Downloading calendar invite is available to users who are not registered on the course
  • Problems with long location texts
  • Problems with pagination
  • Angular errors
  • Missing date on some cancelled courses
  • Filtering problems in overview web part.




  • “​Pages I must read” web part on hand book page fails if the user is not administrator.




  • ​​​Fails to open NoticeBoard item, when clicked from notifications (e.g. unread comments).
  • Long titles goes beyond news item window
  • Not able to import some RSS feeds
  • Problems when searching in archive, if search string includes special characters like dot, question mark and colon.
  • Links in content part of a news message are not automatically activated as links.




  • ​​Missing closing “span” tags in template.


Persons from a department​​


  • ​Fails to show group members if group contains too many users (~100).
  • Shows too many users if account names are partly identical.




  • ​Min/Max value restrictions on number fields do not work.




  • ​Yammer Consent Link in Admin Module is not working
  • Likes and comments for SharePoint pages (including Corporate News pages) may disappear. This problem was partly solved in 6.27 by disabling the CleanupSharePointPageLikeCommentMentionTimer timer job. In this version the timerjob is enabled again.
  • “Failed to execute action 4 of type TemplateManager.BLL.Actions.SetPagelayoutsAction”, when creating department site.
  • The taxonomy fields language, department and location do not bind succesfully on upgrade. ​​
  • Machine translations also translates contact person
  • Activating a new language in the O365 Tenant causes Wizdom to crash.
  • New Wizdom web site creation fails, if URL of current web site contains a single quote.
  • Bootstrap CSS issue with certain combinations of web parts and settings.


Modified system templates






  • ​​​Overview/OverviewSites.html






  • ​​​​​​LoadingBannerDefault.html






  • ​​Webpart/ArchiveOverview/default.html
  • Webpart/ArchiveOverview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/cards.html
  • Webpart/Overview/clicklist.html
  • Webpart/Overview/default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html






  • ​​​​Notification/UnreadComments.html







  • ​​​DefaultPageContact.html






  • ​​Overview/OverviewSites.html