Release Notes Version

Jun 15, 2018


This release contains new features and bug fixes.  

Visit the blog to read more about the new release. Click here to be redirected to the post about Wizdom’s latest releases. 


There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


New features

  • All channels can now be selected with one click in the Noticeboard Archive web part.
  • Renaming of the following site templates: Course Catalog = Event Catalog, Handbook = Policies & Procedures, Handbook Chapter = Policies & Procedures Chapter, Editor Revision = Content Governance Dashboard.
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Gamification module.
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Wizdom admin module, Permissions.
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Cafeteria Menu module.
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Poll module
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Kanban module
  • Wizdom Audiences has been implemented in the Learning & Events module.
  • A new template “AtoZSearch” has been introduced to the Policy Index web part of the Policies & Procedures module. This template allows for type ahead search.
  • In Wizdom page layouts, a new field is added for “Author” of the page content. The field is not changed by saving or publishing, only by manually selecting a new user in the field.
  • The “Role Replacement” function of the Projects module now also supports the “catch-all” principals. “Everyone”, “Everyone except external users”, and “All external users” can now be selected in the Role Replacement function.
  • Configuration of the Service Menu in Wizdom Configuration Center has been changed to include options to collapse and expand the search field.
  • Configuration of the Service Menu tool bar in Wizdom Configuration center has been changed.​


​Resolved issues​


Birthday webpart​

  • ​​​No profile picture is shown, when using a custom result source
  • Shows yesterdays birthdays


Corporate News

  • ​Related news default background image missing
  • Carrousel5images template not aligning right margin


Learning & Events (Course Management)

  • ​​​Using termset taxonomy as metadata field fails
  • Cannot delete completed courses
  • Adding an existing member to the waiting list causes error
  • More problems with waiting list​



  • ​​Personal links added to footer do not show until page is refreshed


Image Slider​​

  • ​Problem using link columns


​​Lightning Pages

  • ​Error occurs if no search user is configured


Link Collection​

  • ​”Uncategorized” category shown even if no links are uncategorized (Imaged_link_horizontal template)



  • ​New items not shown to other users immediately, only count is shown
  • Unable to manage permissions when a NoticeBoard channel is created as part of a department site
  • Changing default expiry date for news items does not take effect until cache is cleared
  • Changing a channel set in NoticeBoard webpart requires total cache reset in Wizdom
  • “New comments” only includes comments for news items marked as read
  • Email notifications not sent if target audience is “Everyone”
  • Archive webpart: show comments doesn’t work
  • Customizing a template named “default” causes other default templates to vanish from the view
  • Comments: unable to add a picture, unless just having added or edited a comment
  • New message doesn’t show in unread feed (caching problem)



  • ​​Cannot change Item Display Template


​People Search

  • ​​Filter by location doesn’t work



  • ​​SiteCollection owner gets deleted in configuration on “Save”.
  • Changing project title doesn’t change the site title
  • Project role replacements fail in some cases
  • Modern team sites not working properly


Service Menu

  • ​​​Missing translation for “My Tools”
  • All users see all links, also links only targeted to other users
  • Empty categories shown


Weather web part

  • ​Days not translated correctly in Edge
  • Wrong temperature shown in some cases (using the free api)



  • ​​Changing field order with drag & drop fails
  • Moving a field to another column doesn’t take effect after “Save”​


Wizdom Configuration Site

  • ​​Permissions page: Config Center link, Help & Training and NoticeBoard Insigths Permission Settings missing
  • Installation page: Check for user profile fails, even if user profile exists
  • Installation page: Bad messages for timer job last run, and no language translations available for the site collection language



  • ​​Responsive fallback feature for SharePoint list app parts not working on small devices
  • Site creation using endpoint: /{instace}/ ignored in some cases
  • Intranet “freezes” while loading, in some cases.
  • Installation error, when “Create folder” action is used in the template
  • Console error occurs when disabling custom script files
  • Various german translation improvements
  • Quick Search text does not fit input field
  • Spelling error in “left 2 colulmn top variant 1” page layout
  • Custom script: Text in search input field not visible
  • Standard Document Library Webpart “Advanced” menu doesn’t work
  • Style module: Custom areas with parenthesis in the title causes problems
  • Breadcrumb displays duplicate entries
  • Site fails after update if Yammer integration is enabled but not configured correctly​


​Modified System Templates


​​​Learning & Events (Course Management)

  • CourseMetadata/CourseMetadata.html
  • Overview/Filters/Overviewfilters.html
  • ​Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


​​ Service Desk​

  • ​​ViewTicket/Showticket.html
  • ViewTickets/Ticketslist.html


Policies & Procedures (Handbook)

  • ​AtoZ/AtoZSearch.html



  • ​​Webpart/ArchiceOverview/default.html
  • Webpart/NewEditform/CreateAndEdit.html
  • Webpart/Overview/clicklist.html
  • Webpart/Overview/default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/RSS.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html


Page Info

  • ​​NewsInforDefault.html
  • PageInfoDefault.html


Personal Link

  • ​​Imaged_link_horizontal.html


People Directory​

  • ​​ResultTemplates/extendedResults.html
  • SearchTemplates/advancedSearch,html



  • ​​pollWebpart.html



  • ​​​Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


Service Menu​

  • ​​categorizedlist.html
  • servicemenubuttons.html
  • servicemenumobilebuttons.html
  • simplelist.html



  • ​​​FivedaysView.html
  • SingledayView.html