Release Notes Version

Aug 29, 2018


This release contains new features and bug fixes.

Discover our blog where you can find detailed introductions about all new features that come with this release. Click here to read the full post. 


There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016


New features

  • Noticeboard now supports the Wistia video format.
  • A date picker has been introduced for the Cafeteria Menu module.
  • Wizdom Footer module now supports multiconfiguration.
  • Editors can now filter birthdays (in the Birthdays web part) to show birthdays from the users current location as well as department.
  • Editors can now filter new employees (in the New Employees web part) to show new employees from the users current location as well as department.
  • Changes in the Help & Training portal for it to deliver documentation to Wizdom Configuration Center.
  • Images uploaded as publishing images to Noticeboard news can now open in a lightbox.
  • If no groups are selected in Wizdom’s Permissions module, module access will now be for everyone.
  • When Wizdom Mega Menu becomes a burger menu in responsive mode, top level items without children now only needs to be pressed once to be activated.
  • It is now possible to change templates for the comments in Noticeboard and Corporate news.
  • The Cafeteria Menu can now be set up to show the menu from a fixed location​.​
  • ​Wizdom Admin Center is now always in English language.
  • Wizdom calls to SharePoint are now decorated with ISV|Wizdom in order to avoid being throttled in SharePoint Online


Wizdom for Modern​​​​​​ SharePoint

This release includes the first wave of Wizdom support for Modern Experiences for SharePoint. Consider this as a preview, the included modern elements will continuously be improved, even before the next Wizdom release, and further elements will be added in coming releases.​​​

Read more about the latest release on our blog. Click here to access the post about the new module to activate Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences. 

Click here to access the blog post about Wizdom for modern experiences. 


The following elements are included:

  • Mega Menu
  • Branding
  • Service Menu
  • Wizdom Site Design for Modern Communication Site
  • Wizdom Site Design for Modern Team Site
  • Corporate News Web Part
  • Noticeboard Web Part
  • Policies I Must Read Web Part
  • People Directory Web Part
  • Quick links Web Part
  • Cafeteria Menu Web Part


This release does not support multiple Wizdom App instances on the same tenant, you have to choose which one the Modern modules belong to.

This release does not support extensibility.

Please see the Wizdom Help and Training Center for details on Modern Experiences for SharePoint.


UX Improvements


​Configuration center​

  • The UI in Menu builder has been updated so it becomes easier for the user to activate and use the edit-mode function.
  • Modal dialogs in Configuration center has been streamlined modals in edit mode.
  • In Design and branding the import theme function has got a new placement and styling.
  • Small adjustments in colors and placements of buttons in configuration center.
  • Error fixed in the color list in Admin center – Installation.


​Edit mode​

  • Structure and UI for categories in Noticeboard setup has been updated.
  • Direction of the chevrons in modal dialogs advanced section has been updated to point to the right when collapsed and point down when expanded.
  • White background on edit buttons has been changed to be transparent.
  • Alignments, paddings and translation are updated in Department Staff


End user mode​

  • Edit Links in end user mode has got a new UI to make the experience to use the drag and drop function and adding links more intuitive.
  • Problem in Weather web-part location dropdown has been fixed so It now works in all columns.
  • The default blue color in weather web-part has been updated to Wizdom primary blue.
  • The Glasses icon in ‘Pages I must read’ has been updated.
  • Notification panel is now closing when clicking next to it.
  • In handbooks the version dropdown has been moved to the right and got a new styling.



  • ​Pagination in course module has been moved to the top right.
  • Margins between course cards has been streamlined vertically and horizontally.


​Service Desk​

  • Expand and collapse chevrons in Service Desk has been updated to point to the right when collapsed and point down when expanded.
  • Margins and colors in the Service Desk has been adjusted in general.
  • Create ticket button has been highlighted.


Special Conside​rations

  • ​A bug was reported that changing a site title was not reflected in the breadcrumb, because the breadcrumb is cached in the browser. For performance reasons we decided to keep the long-time caching of the breadcrumb in the browser, but we now added a “Clear browser cache” button in Wizdom Admin Cache. When having changed a SharePoint Site title, this button may be used to clear the stale breadcrumbs from the browser caches.
  • A new HTML Editor has been introduced. The new editor is activated by default in Cloud solutions. In OnPrem solutions the new editor is not yet activated. To disable the new editor (and revert to the original editor) you can set the client-side feature toggle “clientSideFeatureToggle:DisableFroalaEditor” to “true”.


Resolved issues​


Corporate news

  • ​Web part not referencing image renditions.
  • Images scaled badly when using image renditions.


​Course Management

  • ​Copying a course/event also copies attendees.
  • Missing translation for “Events”.
  • Sorting Template Url not working.
  • Users on participants list can still be added to waiting list.
  • Bad error message when attempting to add a user who is already on the participants list.
  • “Signup others” does not seem to adhere to maximum participants setting.
  • When editing course metadata no “Update succesful” message is shown.


Design & Branding

  • ​​CSS generator Internet Explorer doesn’t show colored squares (color preview).
  • Bad colors in search and replace (text invisible).
  • Wrong accordions opening in CSS generator.


Image Slider

  • ​Newly created image link column cannot be selected in the dropdown.



  • ​Estimates fail for decimal numbers.


Mega Menu

  • ​​Burger Menu does not always show (only applicable when using the client-side feature toggle “SkipRedisForMegamenu​” this feature toggle takes load off the Redis Cache).
  • Saving a large Mega Menu fails or takes a very long time.



  • ​​Fails to import RSS feed if it contains items with an empty description field.
  • Fails to import images from certain RSS feeds.
  • Printing of Noticeboard Insights not working.
  • Noticeboard channel visible to some users, even if configured not to be visible (happens if the channel has previously been “suggested” to these users).
  • Missing Danish translation for “Modified by”.
  • Noticeboard synchronization job throws various errors​.
  • readPrincipal and writePrincipal API’s do not work.
  • Noticeboard archive: Clicking the comments bubble throws an error if there are no comments.
  • When a news item is marked as unread the comments are also marked as unread.
  • API parameters skip ​and take do not work.
  • API “items/newsid” takes both newsId and itemId parameter.
  • APIs “MandatoryChannels” and “SuggestedPrincipals” do not work.
  • “altAuthor” field in CreateAndEdit form uses one-time-binding for display name.
  • Create news item modal is missing CSS classes, so it may be addressed in custom CSS.


Policies and Procedures (Handbook)​

  • ​​”Relevant for” and “Must read” does not work for AD groups if Display Name is different from Group Name.
  • Icons for related documents are wrong.



  • ​The “Delete project” option was not available for projects that were not correctly created.
  • “Placeholder” text for metadata fields does not work.
  • “-” is changed to “_” in URLs when creating new sites.
  • Role picker does not respect “allow multiple” setting.
  • Project creation fails if SharePoint has no Enterprise license (OnPrem).
  • It is possible to select deprecated terms when setting metadata.
  • Visibility of the context menu for editing projects does not respect the permissions on each project.


Service Desk​​

  • ​​”Also show closed tickets” in overview sometimes hidden.


Service Menu

  • ​​Not possible to select or edit floating templates. NB! All templates are now found under the “Templates” tab. “Floating templates” tab is removed.
  • Missing Danish translation for “Add personal link”.
  • Floating service menu text break, when translated to Danish – text only partly visible.



  • ​​Form throws the error “Invalid field name”, when saving a form with fields containing special characters.​​


Wizdom Admin

  • Saving Datastore URL in Wizdom Admin –> Site collections fails in some cases.
  • ​Error attempting to select AD groups with special charactes like “&”.
  • Template editor is blank in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Export/Import: Fails when file gets too large.
  • “Upgrade to version” Text is wrong, says “Upgrade from”​.



  • ​​”Modified By” is shown shortly and the disappears (happens if the page editor is an account without profile info, i.e. “System Account”).
  • Various bad German and Dutch translations.
  • Custom scripts cannot end with a comment – this breaks other custom scripts.
  • Page properties: problems with expand/collapse.
  • Changes to left navigation settings are not being applied to the frontend.
  • Breadcrumb cached too heavily, so site title changes are not shown for a very long time. NB! You now get a “Clear browser cache” button in the Cache section to avoid this problem.
  • Problems with pagination styling.
  • Enabling/disabling social settings for Corporate News, Policies and Procedures, and contents pages are getting mixed together.
  • Validation for required fields on Poll module is ignored.


Breaking template changes​



  • ​Overview/OverviewSites.html (See attachment 1 for template changes).


Modified System Templates



  • ​​FullWeek.html
  • Singleday.html​​



  • ​​newscarousel2images.hrml
  • newslist.html



  • ​​Details/Header.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


​​Service Desk

  • ​CreateTicket/CreateTicket.html
  • ViewTicket/Showticket.html
  • ViewTickets/Ticketslist.html


Policies & Procedures

  • ​​​MustRead/Mustread2.html


Mega Menu​

  • ​​ElementTypes/Html_edit.html



  • ​​Webpart/ArchiveOverview/default.html
  • ​Webpart/ArchiveOverView/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/CreateAndEdit.html
  • Webpart/NewEditForm/video.html
  • Webpart/Overview/cards.html
  • Webpart/Overview/clickList.html
  • Webpart/Overview/default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultThreaded.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/News.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/RSS.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Video.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/defaultThreaded.html



  • ​​​pollWebpart.html


Project Space​

  • ​​​Overview/OverviewSites.html


Service Menu

  • ​categorizedlist.html
  • simplelist.html



  • ​​​Social/CommentsPanel.html
  • Social/ItemSocialPreview.html