Release Notes Version

Oct 17, 2018


This release contains new features and bug fixes.  

Want to know more? Click here to read the blog post about the latest release from Wizdom. 


There are no prerequisites for this release. Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016

Wizdom Add-In now works on SharePoint Server 2019 Preview.

NOTE: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is
too far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.  

New features


Noticeboard and Notifications

  • NoticeBoard and Notifications stop autorefreshing after a period of inactivity. A button “Check for new posts” is shown. The button may be styled using the selector “.checkForNewPosts .badge”


  • The following Wizdom Taxonomies – Wizdom_RelatedTopic, Wizdom_ManualType, Wizdom_ManualArea, Wizdom_Languages – have been updated to be global term sets instead of local on new installs – See more on Help & Training Portal.

If you want to know more about the changes in global term sets, please visit our blog. Click here to access the post directly. 

Project Module

  • Project Type settings have received an updated UI to align it with feedback from customers.
  • [Preview] Projects can now provision Modern Communication Sites. It is currently only provisioned in English, is always created under /sites/ and will not synchronize Roles with Site Collection permissions.


Site Templates

  • Now also supports Modern Site Templates (“webTemplate” 68 and 64).
  • Two new Public Actions have been added to Apply Site Design and utilize PnP Provisioning:
    <Action xsi:type=”ModernApplySiteDesignAction” scope=”Web” Name=”…” WebTemplate=”68″ />
    <Action xsi:type=”ModernPnPProvisioningAction” scope=”Web” ProvisionActionName=”PnPTemplate”>
    <PnPTemplate><![CDATA[ … \\]]> </PnPTemplate>

Authen tication

  • Service Account authentication is now using ROPC token based authentication – legacy authentication is no longer necessary on SharePoint online tenant.


  • In the Form web
    part an editor can now configure a custom text message to be displayed when users complete the form.


  • The Noticeboard web part now supports threaded comments.

Content Pages

  • On Content Pages and News
    Pages the Wizdom social engine now supports threaded comments.

UX Improvements

  • Reintroduction of padding on all buttons.
  • Padding in the bottom of modal dialogs has been adjusted


  • Introduction of new UI in ‘Choose channels’
  • New translations for filtering channels “My suggested channels” becomes “Show suggested” and  “All channels relevant for me” becomes “Show all”
  • Fixed error in Noticeboard Archive page properties headlines

Notification panel

  • Notification panel is now closing when clicking next to it


  • Buttons on individual courses
    has been gathered to a dropdown.

Configuration Center

  • Searchbox in
    configuration center and support center has been streamlined
  • Save configuration button has been moved to the right
  • Helptext padding has been adjusted

Security Improvements

  • Now using ngSanitize for all
    enduser generated content, to protect against Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

Wizdom for Modern SharePoint

These new features are only applicable
for Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experience.
Various bug fixes and improvements have been added to existing Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experience web parts and modules.

NOTE: While it is now possible to customize Modern Module Templates we expect that we will probably introduce breaking changes in future versions of existing Modern modules, so we recommend keeping customizations of Wizdom on Modern in production to a minimum or allocate sufficient resources to ongoing maintenance of customizations over the coming months.  

New Features

  • ​​Extensibility: With 6.32 we introduce extensibility in Wizdom on Modern modules. See more information on the Help & Training Portal
  • Modern Page Properties: Wizdom Content Types including Wizdom Page Properties have been included. The Content Types on Modern Wizdom Sites are Wizdom Page, Wizdom News Article and Wizdom Policy.
  • Modern Page Properties: Modern Wizdom Sites now include a Page Properties top panel to display Wizdom Modern Page Properties and controls.
  • Wizdom Site Design: The Wizdom Site Design has been updated to include Wizdom Page Content Type
    and and the possibility to set it as default for new Site Pages.
  • Wizdom Corporate News Site Design: A Wizdom Corporate News Site Design has been introduced for creating and managing Wizdom Corporate News articles based on Modern Pages.
  • Wizdom Policies and Procedures Site Design: A Wizdom Policies and Procedures Site Design has been introduced for creating and managing Wizdom Policies and Procedures based on Modern Pages.
  • Wizdom Custom Style: Comments and Like panel is now only removed from view if Commenting is disabled on Page.
  • Wizdom Custom Style: Page background now following theme property “neutralLighter” with a default value of #f4f4f4
  • Wizdom Custom Style: Webpart control zones now follow theme property “white” with default #fff for background and “neutralLighter” with default #f4f4f4 for border-color.
  • Wizdom Custom Style: On modern team sites, team members are now displayed in the topmost bar.
  • Policies for Me Web Part: “Policies I Must Read” has been renamed and consolidated into a combined “Policies for Me” Web Part with options to show “Policies I Must Read” or “Policies Relevant For Me”.
  • Governance Web Part: Added Wizdom Governance Web Part that includes the functionality of all the classic “Pages to Review – I
    am contact”, “Pages to Review – I am
    editor”, “Pages where I am Editor” Web Parts. It also includes a fourth view of “All Pages to Review”.
  • Megamenu: Wizdom Megamenu now integrates Local Navigation on Wizdom Communication Sites.
  • Web Part Chrome Type: All Modern Wizdom web parts now include a design option to choose between “No Title”, “Title” or “Visual” (an integrated Image and color title bar).
  • Web Part Chrome Type: All Modern Wizdom web parts also include the option to set fixed height in pixels. Doing so will automatically include an expand button if
    dynamic content exceeds the fixed height.
  • Web Parts now support themes.

Resolved Issues


Course Management

  • Bad formatting of mail to attendees
  • Default value for metadata of type checkbox doesn’t work

Mega Menu

  • “HTML” Items renamed to “Rich Text”  which is less
    misleading .


  • Links in NoticeBoard items are not made clickable.
  • Clicking the “comments” icon marks the news item as read
  • Number of SQL-actions reduced in “dismiss comments”
  • API “GetItems” does not return
    correct value for “CanEdit”
  • Bad formatting of rich text content in news items
  • NoticeBoard Archive does not always return a result

People Search

  • Fails when using a custom result source (in some cases)

Policies and Procedures (Handbook)

  • Creating a Handbook on a newly created Wizdom site doesn’t work


  • Attempting to create a NoticeBoard channel during project creation causes project site creation to fail.
  • Error in collaboration template (“replaceVariables” misspelled)

Service Desk

  • Description field displays raw HTML


  • “Note” field with HTML not displayed as HTML (tags shown)
  • “Required” option is missing for field type “checkbox”

Wizdom Configuration

  • Installation validation: “Course Management” misspelled
  • Installation validation:  AD permissions check not working


  • Modern Experience module visible OnPrem (not available OnPrem)
  • Class name misspelled in CommentsPanel.html template: “comment-tiem” instead of “comment-item”.
  • Text Editor: after uploading and inserting an image, the image disappears
  • Disabling custom scripts doesn’t seem to work (takes a few seconds to get activated)
  • New employees: Not sorted by date
  • ImageSlider: Throws “User cannot be found” error, when the author/editor of the image no longer exists in SharePoint
  • Bad date formatting when using British
    english locale (en-gb)
  • Wizdom Audiences doesn’t work in OnPrem installations
  • Service menu images not shown in Internet Explorer
  • Missing breadcrumb on newly added pages

Resolved Issues in Modern

These issues are only relevant when using “Modern Experiences” – not available in OnPrem solutions.

Corporate News

  • New Card template is blank
  • News targeting problems
  • URL filter for corporate news
    web part on modern is ignored for modern content
  • Corporate News roll up on modern missing news content
  • Corporate News
    web part goes outside
    web part zone
  • Display News
    web part not responsive
    on small devices
  • Corporate News
    web part breaking in different colors
  • Corporate News
    web part slider dots are on top of Mega Menu

Breaking template changes



  • Social/Commentspanel.html
    • Class name “comment-tiem” changed to “comment-item”. Only relevant if this class is used for custom styling

Modified System Templates


Cafeteria Menu

  • FullWeek.html


  • Details/Header.html
  • Details/SignupButtons.html
  • Overview/Sites.html


  • EditorPages/revision-my-editorpages.html
  • RevisionPages/revision-my-contactpages.html
  • RevisionPages/revision-my-editorpages.html


  • quizlist.html

Mega Menu

  • ElementTypes/Heading_edit.html
  • ElementTypes/Link_edit.html


  • Webpart/ArchiveOverview/default.html
  • Webpart/ArchiveOverview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/cards.html
  • Webpart/Overview/ default.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultSmall2.html
  • Webpart/Overview/defaultThreaded.html
  • Webpart/Overview/onlyHeading.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html

Project Space

  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


  • DefaultView.html


  • Webform.html


  • Social/CommentsPanel/CommentsPanel.html
  • Social/SocialPreview/itemSocialPreview.html