Release notes version

Jan 18, 2019


This release contains new features and bug fixes.

Don’t forget to visit our blog for even more detailed introductions of the latest release. Read about the release highlights here.  


There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016

Wizdom Add-In now works on SharePoint Server 2019 Preview.

Note: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.

Special considerations


Admin permissions

There has been some changes in the principles regarding admin permissions in the previous versions of Wizdom.

It now works like this:

  • No admin groups are configured: Everyone is admin no other Wizdom permissions groups can be configured (everyone has all permissions)
  • No module admin groups are configured: Eveyone is module admin
  • At least one module permissions group is configured: These members are module admins, and admins are also module admins,
  • No “Configuration Center Link” groups are defined: Everyone gets the configuration center link.
  • At least one “Configuration Center Link” group is defined: These members get the link, and admins also get the link.


RichText Editor

  • The new Richtext Editor introduced in Wizdom 6.31 is now activated on all sites. Until now a feature toggle could disable the new editor, but this feature toggle is now removed.
  • Prior to this no toolbar configuration was available for Workspaces the configuration for Webform was used. Now, a separate Workspaces configuration is possible. If you have customized the RichText toolbar for Webform, this configuration will now be lost for Workspaces, so you will now have to reconfigure it for Workspaces.

 Read more about the RichText Editor here. 

New features


Corporate News

  • Image and Description added to Workspace Types.

New Employees Web Part

  • Both classic and modern version of New Employees will now look both x days back AND forward in time to find new hires



  • Updated design with images and description for selecting when creating workspaces.


Wizdom for Modern SharePoint



  • It is now possible to add empty headings in the foldout menu. This makes it easy to align columns that have a heading with columns that do not have a heading.


New Employees Web Part

  • Added New Employees Modern Web Part



  • Admins can now hide both the search field and the option to add new sites/workspaces.

    They can also set the to only show favorited sites/workspaces.

    Both are through the property panel.

     Users have a UI option to have only their favorited sites/workspaces shown.

  • Workspace type configuration has been updated to enable creation of Modern Teamsites. Modern Teamsites are always created with an Office365 Group. Therefore the “Office365 configuration” is now only available when a selecting a modern sitetemplate based on a Modern Teamsite (webtemplate starting with “64”).

    Users and their roles will now be syncronized to the Modern Teamsite through the Office365 Group permissions.

    Users and their roles will now be syncronized to the SharePoint default roles for the Modern Communication site.

    For developers:

    The endpoints to create Office365 groups are still available and working. To get the functionality of the Modern Teamsite configuration and its sitetemplates use the “CreateModernSite” endpoint.

  • Added Workspace Information Icon for showing/editing Workspace Information in modern Wizdom sites
  • Added Workspace Information to modern Wizdom site templates
  • Now possible to create a SharePoint Centric Workspace Type based on Modern Team Site but without Office 365 Group
  • “Edit” and “Delete” functionality can be found in the “More”-dropdown, if user has permission to view them.

Want to get to know the Workspaces module even better? Click here to read the blog post. 



  • Improved cache handling in modern Wizdom


Resolved issues


Admin Portal

  • Certain admin tasks may be performed by persons without proper permissions. 
  • Not able to change Notification Advanced Settings 
  • Bad headings in Admin Center Permissions section
  • Cannot edit the different configurations in

    Megamenu module (dropdown not visible)

  • “Save Configuration” button does not work in

    Sitecollections module (if

    only data store owner is changed).


Department Users


  • Webpart doesn’t work when “department” property is set to “All
  • When using Machine Translation names are also translated


Lightning pages

  • Image upload in NoticeBoard on a Lightning Page (e.g. from the mobile app) does not work.
    NB! For this change to take effect the lightning page must be saved again.
    If a custom template is used, add the following line to the script:
                siteAbsoluteUrl: “%SITEABSOLUTEURL%”,
    in the section: var _spPageContextInfo = { …. }


Link Collection


  • Links are not shown in the

    webpart when a workspace is created based on the “Collaboration” template.



  • Multi language not working for HTML/RichText menu items.




  • Project creation fails if noticeboard creation has been configured wrongly (it’s possible to configure

    project in a wrong way)

  • Error when mentioning a person in a NoticeBoard comment
  • Number of news items with unread comments doesn’t update when

    news item is read

  • Insights

    treats different news items with the same title as the same item

  • Cannot print all the content of a news item
  • Cannot use Microsoft Stream for videos
  • Time picker does not use 12-hours setting when using en-US locale (if

    location is west of Greenwich)

  • If a news item is set to future publication double email notifications are sent, when the item is published


RichText Editor

  • No separate configuration possibility for Workspaces (uses Webform configuration)
  • Setting the size of a picture is only respected in edit-mode, not when the news item is shown



  • If the “HTML” property for a

    multi lines text field is unchecked a Richtext editor is shown anyway, and the resulting text includes HTML codes.



  • Non admin users with the permissions to create workspaces (projects) cannot create a workspace from the overview


  • Metadata field of type “textarea” doesn’t respect HTML setting.
  • Problems with separate metadata fields with the same name. 
  • Homepage of

    provisioned workspace is not set when using the “collaboration” template.




  • Pages

    scrolls up after a while, after having scrolled down to the bottom

  • Taxonomy Picker only uses half of the available space


Resolved Issues in Modern


Corporate News

  • Spelling error in web part properties




  • Problems customizing templates


Modified System Templates






  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


Hel pdesk

  • CreateTicket/CreateTicket.html
  • ViewServicedesk/ShowServicedesks.html
  • ViewTicket/ShowTicket.html
  • ViewTickets/TicketsList.html


Megam enu

  • ElementTypes/Html_view.html


Notice board

  • Webpart/NewEditForm/video.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Default.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/News.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/RSS.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Video.html
  • Webpart/ShowItem/default.html


Policies & Procedures

  • Not able to use new custom comments templates


Project Space

  • Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html


Service menu

  • categorizedlist.html
  • simplelist.html