Release notes version

Mar 1, 2019


This release contains new features and bug fixes.  

Get to know the new features by visiting our blog. Click here to access the blog post about the latest Wizdom release


There are no prerequisites for this release. Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.
This release has been tested in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016

Wizdom Add-In now works on SharePoint Server 2019 Preview.

Note: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is too far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.


Special considerations


Custom Modules / Integrations

  • When authenticating against the Wizdom API, it is now required to supply a JWT token issued to the tenant configured in Wizdom application settings

New features


Policies and procedures


  • A Compliance Report feature has been added. This feature can be found in the
    Wizdom Configuration site by clicking “Admin” and then “Policies & Procedures”. A manual can be found in the Documentation section.

Department Users

  • An option is added to control the sort
    order, when users are added manually.

Active Directory integration (OnPrem installations)

  • Problems have been detected when users have been moved from one domain to another. In these
    cases the methods used by Wizdom could give wrong results. In this version a workaround has been introduced, so the users should be resolved correctly despite these AD problems.

New features – Modern


Corporate News

  • Now supports focal point on
    banner image


  • Now possible to delete posts and comments
  • Search feature added (archive functionality)
  • Hovering like
    icon now displays the names of the persons who liked
  • News from RSS feeds now have links to the original articles
  • “Add new” and “More” added to relevant templates
  • In the news
    listing the descriptions will only contain text and not
    html elements like tables, lists
    and images. Icons are now indication places where these
    html elements have been removed.

NoticeBoard design improvements

  • Color themes now supported
  • Better indication of selected options in “More”
  • Richtext editor styling improvements
  • Various adjustments in dialogs, contextual menus
    and panels

Service Menu

  • The service menu now closes automatically when you click outside the flyout area
  • It is now possible to determine the width of every individual flyout on the Modern Servicemenu. This is done in the Configuration -> Servicemenu -> Modern Widgets. There is a field in the list called ‘Width’ and in here the width in pixels is provided and nothing else. No ‘px’ no letters or anything.

Web part Chrome type

  • Added configurable top and sides padding to the
    webpart design settings
  • Inline edit of
    webpart titles have been temporarily disabled due to some complications

Resolved issues



  • Accelerate fails with several errors

Configuration Center

  • “Cannot read property ‘ascending’ of undefined” thrown in console

Corporate News

  • Line breaks
    in summary
    renders empty text in
    rotator web part
  • Not working in Modern (Modern)
  • Web part always shows “0” views (Modern)
  • Cannot change “breaking tag and text (Modern)
  • No news
    shown when using search (OnPrem only)

Course Management

  • Not able to update instance/course metadata in the admin module
  • Rich text editor does not work


  • The end date for
    a given gamification does not respect the current time of day and sets status to “ended” prematurely
  • Downloading
    csv file for poll fails in some cases


  • Governance web part does not display date (Modern)
  • Governance web part does not show pages under “I
    am contact” (Modern)
  • Governance web part not filtering by content type

Lightning Pages

  • Lightning pages should no longer write a “RegisterSod not defined” error to the developer console on OnPrem after they have been saved.

Mega Menu

  • When using a site with variations the Megamenu will only display the first viewed translation
  • When switching display language in the browser, the cache is not cleared immediately
  • Duplicate menu when navigating back (Modern)
  • Megamenu default styling improved (Modern)
  • Foldout menu not on top of
    search box (Modern)
  • Adjust width setting in Wizdom configuration has no effect (Modern)
  • Megamenu gets stuck after having been scaled to burger menu (Modern)


  • News and channels synchronization job fails, if a channel has permissions set for a user that no longer exists in
    th AD
  • “Top News” filter not working (Modern)
  • When adding an alternative author the wrong name is shown in the people picker
  • Bad translation of “reply” for comments
  • @Mention directly on a NoticeBoard web part causes a blue bar across the bottom of the page
  • Date filters in archive web part do not work as expected
  • API page: Trying endpoint causes page formatting problem
  • Read/unread inconsistency in
  • NoticeBoard slider template: Image is shown both as content and background (Modern)
  • Cannot see which view is selected (Modern)
  • Images, Tables and Lists in the text area now displayed as icons (and alternate text for images) in the overview. Opening the news shows them fully as expected.
  • Selecting “Show all” or “Show unread” is now persisted when the page is reloaded (Modern)
  • Text content formatting is back (no more stripping of HTML tags) (Modern)
  • Wrong month numbers in news and comment dates (Modern)
  • Dialog window is now on top of content and not just inside
    webpart area (Modern)
  • “Full width” template no longer have left-right flickering/rotating problem
  • When clicking the comments icon for a news item the comments input field does not get focus


  • The CleanupSharePointPageLikeCommentMentionTimer timerjob keeps logging errors
    This issue should now be fixed, but  the fix has the following side effect:


    • Brian creates a corporate news item and breaks rights, to not allow Jonas to read it
    • (Or Jonas initially has read rights, reads it or likes it, and then has read rights removed)
    • Brian then mentions Jonas and Lotte in a comment
    • When Jonas gets notifications, he WILL have access to the corp news LIST – but not the ITEM – and we end up here
    • Then when Lotte gets her notifications, the cache will contain a dead item reference for the item – and she will not see the mention

    Policies and procedures

    • Web part styling issue with dark theme (Modern)

    Quick Links

    • Cannot close the “edit links” dialog window

    Richtext editor

    • Uploading of images to the editor fails (in some cases)

    Service Desk

    • Cannot use custom mail templates
    • “Super
      supporteres” renamed to “Primary Supporters”

    Service menu

    • Service Menu item titles not visible in IE
    • Service Menu disappears after
      search (Modern)
    • Service Menu disappears after down arrow (Modern)

    Weather web part

    • “Fahrenheit” is misspelled

    Wizdom Audiences

    • Wizdom Audiences synchronization fails if one of the users has been removed from AD


    • Group Creation fails if the
      groups alias is already in use
    • User cannot add people to his own group. This configuration option should not have been
      available, and is now removed from the user interface
    • Default value is not respected for metadata fields that are hidden
    • Cannot delete
      user from participation list (when
      user is deleted in AD)
    • Creating a workspace with the Collaboration template fails when creating a publishing site in SharePoint fails.
      Template is now changed to use a team site instead and then activating the publishing feature
    • If
      Wizdom installation fails on a repository this is not detected – creating new workspaces will then fail.
    • Fails to create
      site when
      page layout has the wrong content type. In this
      version all Wizdom
      pagelayouts are updated assuring the correct content types.
    • Information icon disappears when the “Save” button in the information panel is clicked (Mo dern)
    • Information panel does not show terms (Modern)
    • Create status on new workspaces overview web part looks strange (Modern)
    • Changing the title of a workspace doesn’t take effect on the page (Modern)


    • Forget User and Change Contact Person do not work (Modern)
    • Related people, related pages etc. fails completely if
      user does not have access to the people directory
    • Drag & Drop to Document Library web parts does not work with multiple web parts in the same zone
    • Responsive view does not work for all screen sizes
    • Part of the SharePoint Menu gets hidden beneath the search input field (OnPrem 2013 only, IE only )

    Modified System Templates



    • Webpart/NewEditForm/CreateAndEdit.html
    • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Default.html
    • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/News.html
    • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/RSS.html
    • Webpart/ShowItem/ContentTypes/Video.html


    • Social/CommentsPanel/CommentsPanel.html