Release notes version 6.36.06

Apr 5, 2019



This release contains new features and bug fixes.

 Read all about the release and get to know the features in our blog. Click here to access the post directly



There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.
This release can be installed in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint Server 2019

NOTE: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is too far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.


New features​ (Wizdom for SP’s classic and modern experiences)


Power ​Panel

This is new module in Wizdom available on Classic and Modern site collections. Bringing in a personalized and intelligent overview of content across all systems, Wizdom Power Panel breaks the silos between applications and delivers the ONE corporate dashboard you need to visit to keep up and get work done. The Power Panel administration can be found in Wizdom Configuration Center. From here, intranet admins can design the dashboard using the components that add the most value to the business. Perhaps you work in a project driven organization, and employees will benefit greatly from having project spaces or project KPI’s readily available from the Power Panel. As an open framework, Wizdom Power Panel offers you to build and design a corporate dashboard that complies to company needs.​

Read more about the Power Panel on the blog. 

Interactive canvas

​This is a new module in Wizdom available on Classic and Modern site collections that allows intranet admins to set up a personalized dashboard of content, links, and applications.​ The tiles can behave like links, display an image, render HTML, show rich text, or open a pop-up window or web application.​

Read more about the Interactive Canvas on the blog. 

Push notifications (mobile app)

​Wizdom now supports push notifications for customers that have the Wizdom mobile app installed.
Users can receive push notifications on Noticeboard items, likes, comments, @mentions etc. and as an admin you can decide to push out individual Corporate News articles. Please note that to support this it requires the latest version of the Wizdom Mobile App as well as additional configuration of the app and a Notification Hub in Azure. Reach out to your Wizdom contact person to learn more.​

Read more about the Mobile App on the blog. 


Dynamic links ​- new type of links that will dynamically update themselves and create new links as content of the defined type is created. In this release are introduced three dynamic links: “Hub Sites”, “Wizdom Configuration Center” and “Wizdom Help & Training Portal”.​


New features – (Wizdom for SP’s modern experiences)



  • ​New template named “Cards” which will display each Noticeboard news in a card with image, title, resume and each channel of the news is brought out with a colored background.​
  • The template “Columns” has been deprecated.​

Corporate News​

  • Two new templates “One column” and “Two columns” which replace the “List” template
    The template “List” has been deprecated

Resolved issues


AD search

  • It is possible to find ​​distribution lists when searching for groups ​​

Cafeteria Menu

  • When multiple Cafeteria Menu web parts are inserted on the same page, the functionality is not working correctly.

Corporate News (modern)

  • ​​Broken images on using recent images.

Extensibility (modern web parts)

  • Microsoft has updated version numbers for internal spfx modules which breaks all our extensibility templates.​​​

​​​Learning & Events

  • ​Missing translate filter on “More” button.

​​Noticeboard (modern web part)

  • ​If you have created a Noticeboard item with a start date in the future, you don’t see it, when choosing the “show my” view.
  • News with content type “Video” cannot be deleted.

People Search

  • ​Cannot search department which has a space in the title.


  • ​The icons that are selected from the default list in the Quicklinks module are not shown in the web part.


  • ​​Weather web part does not show the right forecast when using fixed location.

​​Wizdom Audience

  • ​Wizdom audience timerjob fails with too many members.


  • The label for the project name displays incorrectly, the name should be “Title”.
  • Project cannot be deleted if the corresponding Office 365 group has been deleted.


Modified System Templates​


 Cafeteria Menu

  • Print/PrintSingleday.html
  • Print/Printweek.html
  • Singleday.html

Learning & Eve​​nts

  • CourseMetadta/CourseMetadata.html
  • Details/Content.html
  • Details/SignupButtons.html
  • Overview/OverviewSites.html


  • webpartSimpleAccordionList.html
  • webpartSimpleList.html

Servic​​e Desk

  • ViewTicket/ShowTicket.html

Mega Menu

  • ElementTypes/Html_view.html
  • MenuTemplateDesktop.html


  • ​Web​part/Overview/defualt.html


  • imaged_link_horizontal.html
  • imagelist.html


  • Overview/Columns/OverviewColumns.html
  • Overview/NewSiteDialog/NewSiteDialog.html
  • ProjectMetadata/ProjectMetadata.html