Release notes version

Jun 25, 2019



This release contains new features and bug fixes. If you want to learn more about the new features, read the detailed blog post here


There are no prerequisites for this release.
Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.
This release can be installed in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint Server 2019

NOTE: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is too far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.  

New ​​features – Modern​


Me​ga menu

  • Added settings to enable/disable Mega Menu Hub and Local navigation on Modern
  • ​Added support for ordered and unordered lists in mega menu rich text field

​Work​​spaces ​​

  • ​​​​Metadata web part in Teams – go to any Workspace type with team creation enabled and follow the (for now) manual guide for installing the app in Teams. If the Workspace type is configured with the App Id, then the Teams App will automatically be installed on new teams created based on that Workspace type. The Teams app can also be added to existing teams from the Teams client and from within that app attach the team to an existing or new Workspace.

NOTE: You should use the same Teams App Id for all Workspace types.  

Corp​orat​e News

  • Ne​​w template “Timeline” which was designed for Microsoft’s new home sites and include many useful configurable options.


  • It is now possible to create a news post on behalf of another person. The news post will be presented just as if the other person has written the news post. The only place you can see who actually wrote the news post, is in the bottom of the text when reading the news. (Alternate Author feature shall be activated on the news content type in Wizdom Administration).
  • When reading a news post in Wizdom on SHarePoin’t modern experiences, you can now use the check box in the top of the dialog window to leave the news post as unread when you close the dialog window.

Pa​​​ge Info (new web part)

  • New web part which shows dynamically/manually related pages, news and people. It is context-aware and can show if the page content has expired or if a policy page is mandatory to read for the user in question.​​

Page ​​​Properties

  • Feature toggle to enable/disable page properties on modern in the configuration center. ​

Resolved issues


Policies & Procedures

  • Added functionality to have nested AD Groups in the “To be read by” field on Policies & Procedures pages


  • Some styling as resizing image was not saved in the rich text editor
  • Richtext ÆØ (capital) does not work
  • When filtering on author you no longer get wrong person in search for author and when choosing person.
  • Noticeboard no longer shows content types with no selectable channels (modern)
  • Enddate now respects the plusDays property on content types (modern)


  • Filter on workspace overview does not work on prefiltered view
  • Create project site, validation error not highlighted
  • SiteCreation permission overrules InstanceAdministrators permissions
  • ​Searching for groups with special chars in returns Bad Request
  • Workspace metadata edit button does no longer open edit panel
  • Workspace custom templates cannot be loaded​ (modern)
  • Workspace Overview webpart broken when using email regex validation (modern)
  • Mobile view for Workspaces web part (modern)

Mega M​​enu

  •  Local navigation edit button goes to wrong edit.

Learnin​​​g and Events

  • Signup modal dialog now has a class to be used in customizing it: “signup-form”.


  • ​​Required note field is no highlighted, when validations fails ​

Wizdom Configuration and Installa​tion


Wizdom host​ed in Azure

  • ​​W​izdom now supports Azure Key Vault and you can store the application settings you define as sensitive in Key Vault and use only the key in the Application Settings of the app service. Wizdom provides guildeline on setup upon request. ​

Modified System Templates​

​Mega Menu

  • Elemen​tTypes/Heading_view.html
  • ElementTypes/Link_view.html
  • ​ElementTypes/TopItem_view.html​