This release contains new features and bug fixes.

Read the blog post about the new updates here



There are no prerequisites for this release.

Please check previous release notes if you are not upgrading from the latest version.

This release can be installed in the following environment:

  • Office 365 tenant and Azure
  • SharePoint Server 2013​
  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint Server 2019

Note: As the Modern SharePoint Experience platform and development framework is too far behind SharePoint Online, the Wizdom on Modern SharePoint Experiences capabilities are currently not supported on SharePoint Server 2019.


New features modern



  • Modern Noticeboard has added a new feature for posting news posts with manual translations. The manual translation feature can be activated in the Noticeboard module in Wizdom Administration. When this feature is activated, the users can provide optional translations for each field in the news post, even images and videos can be provided for each language.

Power Panel

  • Introduced a new Welcome page for Power Panel that includes options for a welcome text, logo and brand colors. The welcome page is opt in feature in this release for those customers who upgrade from previous versions. In the upcoming release the welcome page will be enhanced with new features and will be inseparable part of the Power Panel.
  • New and improved animations for opening and closing panels.
  • Introduced option to deploy Power Panel to Microsoft Teams.
  • New and more streamlined desktop and mobile experience
  • Introduced a new all tiles button that is visible when there is not enough room to display all tiles on a single line.
  • Introduced a new Close button for all panels to enable users to easily close a panel especially on smaller devices.
  • Power Panel will display system labels with translated values.


  • Workspace Modern overview webpart now supports filtering on sitetype, metadata and roles.
  • Workspace Modern metadata webpart now shows an easy way to select workspace when the webparts is added to a page.
  • Workspace Modern overview webpart now supports predefined filters by specifying a custom query string in the webpart properties.
  • Workspace Modern overview webpart now supports order on title and metadata.
  • Workspace Modern overview can now show sitetype as part of the columns with metadata
  • ​Fixed a problem where the Workspace overview webpart did not supports multiple predefined role filters in the webpart properties together with a role filter during search. This change forced an update to the “api/wizdom/businessapp/v2/instances/me/sites” API.
    Previously multiple “&Role” queries generated logical OR statements. This is changed to logical AND statements.
    Example, this will return sites where the principal with id 4 is in both the ‘Members’ AND the ‘Owners’ role: “&Role=Members eq 4&Role=Owners eq 4”.
    The logical OR is still achievable with the ‘|’ separator in a single query parameter.
    Example, this will return sites where the principal with id 4 is in either the ‘Members’ OR the ‘Owners’ role: “&Role=Members eq 4|Owners eq 4”.​

Wizdom Architecture 

  • Introduced new admin role for every module in the configuration center, so it is now possible to grant access to specific modules instead of all of them. Every module now has a new “Permissions” tab, that is visible to Global admins only. This change also means that Noticeboard admins configuration has been moved to the Permissions tab of the Noticeboard module in the admin center and all Noticeboard admins specified directly as users has been moved to Wizdom Audience group called “Noticeboard migrated administators”.
  • RequireCustomModuleAuthorization feature toggle is removed and now the authorization is always required.
  • Modern richtext editor has been updated to froala 2.9.6​

Resolved issues



  • Modern rich text editor now supports different languages.
  • Internet Explorer had a problem with dialog window positioning after using the Rich Text Editor in full screen.
  • At the Noticeboard module when trying to edit the color of the text to something else it doesnt seem to apply. 
  • The Noticeboard channel selection screen persists on the page even after navigating to a different page 
  • Modern Noticeboard comments now have correct counting on likes and comments. 
  • Noticeboard – Create news – German translation is missing.
  • When I click through the pages of the Noticeboard you remain at the buttom of the page.
  • Modern search doesn’t find expired items.
  • Modern Noticeboard now respect Social Settings set in the Wizdom administration. This means Noticeboard Comments and Likes can now be disabled. 
  • HTML in Modern Noticeboard comments will now be displayed as text to ensure secure handling. 
  • Modern Noticeboard works now with customized templates. 
  • Mark all mentions fails on classic SharePoint pages.

Power Panel

  • Fixed issue with Wizdom Power Panel still being displayed on non-wizdom sites when SharePoint performs a partial page load 


  • Leaked CSS from CorporateNews makes forms controls overlap in the workspace create form 
  • Unable to delete user, when clicking “X” during Workspace creation in modern. 
  • Visible error message when trying to delete a type that have active projects 

Mega Menu

  • Megamenu has now headers in mobile view. This is breaking change and customer’s styling with includes styling of mobile menu, will have issues if they includes layout changes. This change includes: better touch areas, headlines is part of template and links are now styled with primary theme color by default.

Page prope​​​rties

  • ​Deselecting the “Enable page properties pane on Modern” option has no effect 

Profile comple​​tion

  • Moder​​n: Profile progress template customization has been fixed 

Policies and pro​​​cedures

  • Policies for me webpart not working with customize template in IE 

Courses and Ev​​​ents

  • ​Not possible to remove filter in events overview

Replace page co​ntacts

  • ​Wh​en you as a user would like to change the ownership (contact) on one or more articles (wizdom content pages) the modified date and who the user that have actially modiffied the content last time must not be overwritten.​