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Introduction to the Export & Import module

The module offers two use cases:

1) The first use case is moving customizations or other blob files with a zip-file download/upload.

2) The second use case is moving an entire Wizdom installation with all data and all configuration.

Needed Permissions:

  • ​Endpoints in the module requires Wizdom admin permissions.
  • A user without required permissions will see empty pages.
Move blob files:

  • ​The export page display a full overview of both the public and the private blob.
  • Selecting folders or files in the overview will enable the download button. A zip file is then created and downloaded.
  • The import page lets the user select a zip file using the “browse” functionality. This enables the upload button which will send the zip file to Wizdom.
  • The zip file is then extracted and all of its content is displayed in the blob. The content will be extracted to a structure matching the folder structure of the zip file.