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Page Contact module settings

Configuring the Page Contact module

Ticking the ‘Enabled’ property activates Wizdom page contact property on Wizdom pages.
The Page contact control will only appear on Wizdom pages if this checkbox is checked.

Managed properties:

The data displayed in the Page contact control originates from the SharePoint user profile database. By default the following user profile data are available for use in display templates:

  • DisplayName
  • PictureUrl
  • Email
  • UserUrl

If other user profile data are needed, the user profile column name should be added as a  Managed property. If, for instance, WorkPhone is added as a managed property the contact persons phone number will be displayed, because the default template automatically lists all added properties. It is also possible to use WorkPhone in a customized template.

The precise name of available Managed properties (User profile properties) may be seen ​in the SharePoint admin center -> user profiles -> Manage User Properties and includes: WorkPhone, Department, Title, Manager, AboutMe, WorkPhone, CellPhone, HomePhone, Office and Assistant.

Configuring templates for the Page Contact module

The Wizdom template mechanism enables you to customize the look, feel, and functionality of the Page Contact module by the means of templates.

The Page Contact module includes one template out-of-the box. This template displays profile picture, name, and email address for the contact person or department.

You find an overview of templates for the Page Contact module under the ‘Templates’ area in the Page Contact module administration. From here, you can edit existing templates and create new.