Noticeboard is a subscription based news management system that offers editors as well as end users an intuitive experience writing, commenting, and reading news. Visually engaging rich media, as video and pictures, along with likes, @mention, and notifications are tools in the module that can help you lead user attention to relevant news.

The module can be used for ad-hoc staff messages as well as for department or subject specific news. The flexibility of the module allows you to use it for a variety of news genres:

As an easy tool to news writing that includes all the well-known social functionality, the module is apt for so called peer to peer messages. Informative messages like ‘car keys found in the lobby’ or ‘coffee machine out of order’ can typically be communicated with the Noticeboard module.

In its capacity to target news to audiences, the module is also appropriate to use for department or subject specific news. E.g. the HR department in the Berlin department could share news with each other’s that is related to their area of work with the Noticeboard module. Additionally, there is the option of publishing news in multiple languages, depending on the needs of your organization.