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Site Collections module settings

Module settings for classic

The Site Collection module allows for administrators to manage site collections that have been created. You can get an overview and disable/enable collection of sites from the back end. 

Accessing data

Datastore sitecollection is not ment to be browsed by users. Data in this sitecollection is typically requested through search or SharePoint client api.


​Creation is done seperatly for Office365 and On-Premises.

In both cases is it ok to paint to an existing sitecollection. Just dont choose one with production data. If the there is a naming match, Wizdom might delete some or all data in the sitecollection. An example: When Wizdom clears all searchable Noticeboard News items, it deletes the list entirely.

​​​​Office 365

Wizdom will automatically try to create a datastore sitecollection the first time it is requested. The default sitecollection is named “https://[tenant]/sites/WizdomData”.

If this automatic creation is not working or you want a different sitecollection than the default, it is possible to set an url in the field “Datastore url”. A primary administrator should be provided in the “Datastore owner” field.

When saving the configuration Wizdom will automatically create the sitecollection if a new url. If the url points to an existing sitecollection this will be used.


Wizdom will most likely not be able to automatically create a datastore sitecollection. This is due to SharePoint on-premises api lacking behind the Office365 api.

The best options for on-premises installations is to manually create a new sitecollection. Ex “/sites/WizdomData” and point to this in the field “Datastore url”.​