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Introduction to the concept of extensibility in Wizdom

Wizdom Extensibility provides multiple ways to modify, extend and integrate with Wizdom. The extensibility concept of Wizdom is based on standard web technology, like JavaScript, REST API and webhooks. This guide will provide an overview of the different possibilities and provide a thorough guide to try the concepts in a local development environment.


Why Cool

Wizdom finds the elusive balance between a ready-to-go packaged intranet and a highly customizable platform to support digital workplace efforts.


Web part and module template customizations


Customize Presentation Layer (display and dialog) for every Web Parts and Module in Wizdom, ex.

  • To tweak presentation to meet business needs
  • To expand with additional interaction options

Open architecture using REST end-points

Integrate and utilize Wizdom modules together with 3rd party business applications using REST end-points, ex.

  • To query information from a Wizdom module
  • To push information to a Wizdom module

Application life cycle management

Supports moving customizations between environments with tools and REST end-points

  • Replicate Wizdom database and BLOB storage downwards, ex. Production > Pre-Prod. > Test > Dev.
  • Select extensibility components and push them upwards, ex. Dev. > Test > Pre-Prod. > Production

All of these customization options is fully supported and compatible with future Wizdom updates!